You can boost your MANAGEMENT PROJECT CAREER with Scrum Master Certification Program!

Get your Internacional Scrum Master Certification with the biggest Agile Accreditation Body in the market: SCRUMStudy!

At the moment, the role of Scrum Master is highly demanded. Why?

The answer is even obvious: When the product is new, innovative, in a dynamic environment, it is difficult, almost impossible, to define the entire scope of a project, as determined by the traditional project management model.

Anyone who tries to close the scope completely, in a project with these characteristics, will estimate its window of time in months, or in years.

This is where the agile framework for project development and management comes in: Scrum Agile Framework.

Being one of the most popular in the world, validated worldwide, Scrum is an agile framework that will allow you to work on complex projects with a high degree of uncertainty, with high productivity and faster business value.


More than 52% of organizations use some agile methodology in their project management (Versionone, 2018), and of these 84% use Scrum, or some variant, with the intention of:

  • Make early deliveries of projects
  • Adapt and prioritize requirements changes
  • Increase productivity
  • Align technology (IT) with business strategies
  • Improve the predictability of deliveries
  • Reduce project risks
  • Improve the maintenance of products or services developed;
  • Among the others performance reasons....

SCRUMStudy is the Biggest Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile Certifications


Real success stories! Here some of the 7500+ companies that enrolled with us!

Neither other Scrum accreditation bodies are not as popular or as widely accepted!

The Certified Scrum Master

So we have launched a new certification program, which is AgileIT Scrum Master, unlike any other program, so you can have:

  • Change management and its priorities
  • Project visibility
  • Assertive deliveries, and consequently, professional prestige
  • Alignment of technology (IT) with business strategies;
  • Improvement of Time to Market
  • Predictability of the project
  • Reduction of Risks
  • Among the others performance reasons....

This program counts with the support of agility mentors, online content, lives and practical guides.

Can you imagine how much it can help you, your job and your profession?

Have access to real-life content to solve your biggest problems in project development?

Ever thought you could be earning up to US$ 88,000 ?! Yes, eighty-eight thousand DOLLARS (State of Scrum, 2017-2018):



  • Mentoring

    Experts in agile project management will be with you in this journey of learning and professional improvement, to verify your progress in particular. There will be 4 mentoring sessions, where we will identify the main difficulties of the participants, and guide them in their next steps.

  • Orientation

    Instructors will be available online, or by e-mail, to clarify doubts about the theory and practice of the available contents. All through our teaching platform.

  • EAD Platform

    All our theoretical and practical contents, as well as simulations and exercises, are on an online platform, available to you, for six months, at any time of the day, or at night. So you can study and train at your own convenience , from anywhere you wish.

  • SBOK Guide

    This book was developed as a way to be a guide for organizations and project management professionals who want to implement SCRUM. For those who already implement Scrum, it also provides the means of improvement needed in their current project development processes.

  • Video-Lessons

    You will have access to video lessons, separated by modules. Each module will deal with a specific theme of the life of a successful Scrum Master. These classes have a didactic teaching that allows you to assimilate principles, processes and practices of the framework, through methods of understanding about Scrum, based on our Guide SBOK.

  • Online Mentor

    Lost any mentoring session during follow-up meetings? There are no problems! A mentor is assigned to your class, for the duration of the program, to guide you in today’s best practices! You can send private questions about your personal or professional performance. Your mentor’s access channel is direct and private, ideal for discussions you do not want to share with the whole class.

  • International Certification

    Completing the Scrum Master certification program, you will receive two certificates: One of the Scrum Master competencies issued by the AgileIT Coach Institute, and the other one of the largest accredited agile professional on the planet: SCRUMstudy. With worldwide recognition, present in more than 150 countries, SCRUMstudy has already certified more than 400,000 professionals worldwide, making it the most popular Scrum accreditation institution.

  • Certification Exam

    We will issue a voucher for SCRUMStudy’s supervised online exam. You can schedule and conduct your test anywhere on the planet, whether in your workspace, or in the comfort of your home. Exam Result immediately upon completion.

  • Exam Retake

    Our certification program is so complete, that it is unmatched by any other accredited institution for agile methods and frameworks. That’s why the approval rate through our certification program is one of the largest ever seen in the market (more than 95%). But, if necessary, you can retake the test up to two times, if applicable

  • Simulations

    At the end of each module, you will find simulated exercises for the certification test. We also have hands-on exercises that put you in real agile project management situations.

  • Central of doubts

    Through our online platform, you can share your doubts. We will be at your disposal to clarify them, or to assist any other questions. You can also contribute tips or suggestions, increasing your networking with other participants in this certification program.


Take your chance to transform projects and lifes!


What will you learn in the Video Lessons, Guides and Strategies During the Scrum Master Certified Program?

There is a logic in the implementation and success of Scrum, while developing and managing agile projects.

Fortunately, we'll teach you how to use the right principles, artifacts, and tools for every situation and scenario you may face.

  • Agile and Scrum Overview

    • Agile Overview
      Agile Manifesto
      Agile Principles
      Agile Methods
      Scrum Overview
      Advantages of Scrum
  • Scrum Roles

    • Central Roles
      Non-Core Roles
      Product Owner
      Scrum Master
      Time Scrum
  • Scrum Phases

    • Initiation
      Planning and Estimation
      Review and Retrospective
      Inputs, tools and outputs for each process in each phase
  • Scrum Scheduling

    • Scrum scalability
      Scrum in Programs and Portfolios
      Meeting Scrum of Scrums (SoS)
      Transition to Scrum
      Traditional roles in Scrum
      Keeping customer involvement
      Importance of executive support
  • Changes in Scrum

    • Approved and Not Approved Scope Changes
      Change in Scrum
      Balancing Flexibility and Stability
      Achieving Flexibility
      Changes to a Sprint
      Impact of Expected Changes on Sprint Size
      Managing Changes through Prioritized Product Backlog Refinement
      Managing Changes During Sprint Demonstration and Validation

What will be the investment to take the Scrum Master Certification Program with us?

The official value of this program, to become the Scrum Master, was US$ 450 .

But we have a special discount for this month.

So the investment is JUST US$ 397.00 for a single payment!

Get started today - here is what you get:

  • A centric human Scrum Master formation
  • Online EAD Platform 24x7
  • Be part of the biggest Agile Accreditation Body of the world!
  • The latest human resources techniques to be a great Scrum Master.
  • Be supported by an Agile Coach during your Scrum Master Program
  • Real Cases Simulations

PLUS - these amazing bonuses:

  • 4 Mentoring Sessions to get the maximium of your professional improvement
  • International Certification by the biggest Agile Accreditation Body (SCRUMStudy)
  • Exam Retake. If you need it 🙂


Take your chance to transform projects and lifes!

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